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The Inner Game

Everything to do with your thoughts, feelings and emotions relates to your inner game – how you make decisions, the way you view the world, whom you trust, why you trust them, how you deal with failure, what you are afraid of, and how resilient you are.

The Game Plan

What does the big picture look like? What is your strategy? It is more than just having plans around your goals, it’s about looking at the bigger picture and understanding where the individual components fit in.

The Outer Game

The size of the action you take is not important. If you take some action every day consistently, you will reap far more rewards than if you do nothing for periods of time then embark on a burst of action every now and then.

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Success requires you to have a strong, well rounded Inner Game, Game Plan and Outer Game.

Therefore anything that reduces your ability to adapt and change your game, reduces
your ability to have a well rounded plan of action and execution.
"Baiju has simplified what it takes to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and make a game changing impact. Explained with great passion, he has shown it’s not just about the right mindset, it’s about the strategy you have and the consistency of actions you take. This is an inspired read that will get you to understand what is right for you and get you into action."
Daniel Priestley
Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur Revolution, Oversubscribed & 24 Assets.
"Baiju Solanki has written a grounded, straight forward, well-researched practical guide to making authentic changes to your personal and professional life. The biggest benefits will come from reading this book carefully and completing the exercises as designed. Baiju is highly qualified and an experienced coach and mentor known for his track record in helping people achieve game changing results. This book cannot replace the chemistry of working directly with Baiju … but it comes very close!"
Andrew Priestley
Business Coach, bestselling author and Top 100 UK Entrepreneur Mentor 2017
"21st Century entrepreneurship requires a deep mindset. Baiju outlines and prepares you for the ride. Full of key concepts and relevant information choose this investment in yourself today!"
Karl Pearsall
Karl Pearsall, founder YES Group Worldwide
"Insightful and well written... Baiju hits the nail on the head, 5 Stars!"
Ketan Makwana
Ketan Makwana, Founder of Enterprise Lab
"A stunning well thought out book. We think there is a secret sauce to success, and there isn’t. This book perfectly illustrates how you can make an impact using tried and tested principles we can all act on. Superb read"
Penny Power
OBE - Founder CEO The Business Café
"If ever you were uncertain about how to rise above your current circumstances and truly live the life you believe you were meant to live, then this book is for you! Simply written yet profoundly inspiring and practically delivered, Baiju helps you find the missing and empower the dormant treasures within to discover that we really are powerful beyond what we imagine or believe. I am happy to recommend this book which I believe will change for the better the lives of those who read it! "
Selwyn Cambridge
Founder of TenHabitat, Caribbean Start-up Incubator
"If you're looking to make a significant positive change in your life, this book could provide that spark of inspiration. Allow Baiju Solanki to help you unleash your entrepreneurial spirit!"
Simon Hartley
Founder of Be World Class, Author and Professional Speaker
"As an entrepreneur you’re busy ... I get it.. if you’re truly ready to change your game then here is your plan. This isn’t about “more marketing” or “raising your prices” it’s about that deeper level of what will make YOU a game changer. Woman or man. Newbie to your industry or long time player, you HAVE to read this book. Simple but life changing when you do them. Allow the insights into you and make this your new bible. You’ll want to read it again and again. From my heart to yours Baiju, thank you for all you do you are a game changer"
Yvette Taylor
Creator of The Energy Alignment Method
"Entrepreneurship is a game that should be played full out, and nobody reminds us of this better than Baiju! In Change Your Game he helps you tap into your purpose, gain clarity of your thinking and create real, lasting positive change with an enterprise built on game-changing thinking. If you want to join the ranks of the new entrepreneurs making a real difference, read this book .and get in the game!"
James Lavers
Founder Lazy Coach, Digital Publishing House for Experts & Entrepreneurs
"If you're interested in living your best life, this is the book for YOU. In the game of life the only constant is change and Baiju helps you take apart your excuses and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit"
Julian 'The Ultrapreneur' Hall
Founder of Ultra Education
"This really is a game changing book on personal and business development in many ways. Not only is it inspiring and motivating, but also packed full of actionable steps that energise you to be more, do more, create more. This is a must read book for any aspiring entrepreneur who wants to grow their business and take their mindset to the next level"
Louise Danielle
Mindset Strategist & Speaker
"Unapologetic, generous and visionary are not just three words to describe Baiju Solanki, but his insightful new book ‘Change Your Game’. Finally, all in one place and in the finest detail, the tools we need to create, transform and embody the ‘Game of Life’. In ‘Change Your Game’ Baiju simplifies the rule book, provides you with all you need and invites you into the arena to play your best game. Now all you need to do is show up and dare to win. You and this book, together can make game changing impact if only you are ready to ‘Change Your Game"
Vanessa Louise
Moore DAREdevil Consultant and Speaker

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